Nothing but quality wild game processing for real men (and women) who know how to hunt

Prices are based on the starting weight batch. Orders are subject to 4-6 months processing time. We hope that it’s quicker but to ensure everything is top-notch quality, we do everyone’s meat separate, and that requires some extra time so we appreciate your patience.

We can skin the deer for you and cut steaks/roasts to your liking, or if you prefer to skin it yourself, we will gladly make your trimmings into sausage or ground venison.
We find a 1/3 pork has yielded the best products, but we will do whatever you prefer… we aim to please.
(Third of the total weight. i.e. 20 pounds of venison + 10 pounds of pork = 30 pounds total product).
No appointment necessary. 15# minimum batch

Orders placed after November 5th will be processed after January 1st.

Prices and Ordering Info:

Wild Game Drop Off (Deer/Bear):
Bring it on in anytime we are open! No appointment needed. If shot outside of store hours, please call 715-790-1890 and we will be happy to assist you.

Whole Deer Processing:
$100 + Hide
Includes skinning, boning, cutting, and wrapping of steaks and roasts to your needs as well as grinding venison. Additional charge for beef or pork added.

Antler Removal: $5.00

Caping: $50.00

Charge for Quartered Wild Game or Pieces: $0.75/lb